Oasis team at work. A significant fraction of the work on our books has been done in immersion in the wisdom of well-functioning wild nature.

Oasis Design specializes in deep green, integrated, designs for water supply, greywater reuse, edible landscaping, passive solar, fire-safe architecture, etc.

These designs can be used a-la-carte, or fully integrated and optimized for your context, enabling you to live well with as little as 90% less resource use than the average American.

Wherever we couldn't find existing designs, we innovated. You'll find info here on 33 years of original innovations, some of which have spread worldwide, and been adopted into building codes. Much of our content is extensively re-posted on the web; this is the source: Over 500 pages of original online content plus books which are top in their categories.

Our goal is to help people live healthy, enjoyable, and meaningful lives, by helping get the nuts and bolts of simple, sustainable systems to really work.

--The Oasis Team


"Just wanted to thank you for getting those books out...as I opened the package I had the opportunity to pass your info along to an interested client. Person to person that's how this revolution is spread." —Jaime, New Mexico

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Oasis offers original, state of the art information on ecological design, written and published by us and our colleagues.

Principles of Ecological Design

Principles of Ecological Design

All of ecological systems design boils down to one sentence: Do what makes sense in the context...

Water Storage: Tanks, Cisterns, Aquifers, and Ponds

Water Storage: Tanks, Cisterns, Aquifers, and Ponds

Improve your independent water system, fire protection, and disaster preparedness at low cost and using principles of ecological design...

Create an Oasis with Greywater

Create an Oasis with Greywater

Create an Oasis shows you how to: save freshwater by irrigating with household washwater, relieve strain on your septic tank, purify wastewater better without energy or chemicals...

Laundry to Landscape DVD

Laundry to Landscape DVD

Extensive information on design, tools, parts, installation tricks, options, and special situations. For landscapers, contractors, and plumbers.

Laundry to landscape greywater system

We developed the Laundry to Landscape Greywater System in 2008 and published it unpatented into the public domain.

The Laundry to Landscape system is the simplest, least expensive, lowest effort way to get the most greywater out on to the home landscape most effectively. Due to its inherent simplicity and low cost, it has been widely adopted, accommodated in building codes, the subject of numerous government rebates, workshops, and government training. It is the grey water system most suited for professional installation by landscapers. Most homes in arid areas or on septic tanks should have one of these DIY systems.

Branched drain greywater system

We developed the Branched Drain Greywater System and published it unpatented into the public domain in May 2000.

Branched drains provide economical, reliable, sanitary, low-maintenance distribution of household greywater to downhill plants without filtration, pumping, or surge tanks. The up-front investment (primarily in labor) is substantial but then the system requires little attention and can last the lifetime of the house. Maintenance is generally annual. In contrast, most other systems cost more, lack the opportunity to save much by doing the labor yourself, and require significant ongoing inputs of electricity, frequent maintenance, and replacement.

Water storage and security

Water supply is the first order of business for any human settlement. Storage is a key component of water security.

Storage can be used to: cover peaks in demand, smooth out variations in supply, provide water security in case of power loss, supply interruptions or disaster, save your home from fire, meet legal requirements, improve water quality, provide thermal storage and freeze protection, and enable a smaller pipe to serve for a distant source. Water Storage--the #1 selling plumbing book online for several years--considers each of these reasons to store water, then looks at design principles to help you frame the goals for your water project and how to realize them.

Greywater misconceptions

The central paradox of greywater design is 1) greywater is not very consequential in itself; and 2) to get the greywater just right, you need to get most everything else right, which is highly consequential.

On top of this, greywater is far more context sensitive and interconnected with other systems than just about any other green building practice. Facing these challenges, there is a set of common errors that people naturally make over and over again. This article explains each common mistake and points the way to preferred practices.



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