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Other Ways of Ordering Oasis Design Books

By phone

Contact Customer service by e mail, or by phone (805) 618-2360, 9am-5pm Pacific Time, Mon-Fri., or Iris Communications 800 346-0104, 541 484-9353 or Real Goods 800 442-1972.


Bookstores can special order you a single copy. It is easiest to ask for the books by ISBN number (see Books & articles). It may help them to know our  Distributors.


One of our overseas  Distributors may be able to lead you to a local source with cheaper shipping.


Order online from us: Books & articles. Or, Many other online merchants stock our books, including, Iris Communications 800 346-0104, 541 484-9353 (search for "greywater" in title), and Real Goods 800 442-1972


See our list of  Distributors.


Your Satisfaction Guaranteed...please be patient
We are a very small business. Please be patient with your customer service requests. It may take us a little while, but we will resolve any issues to your satisfaction.

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