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Earth and Orchard Toilet Plans

Summary:Earth and Orchard Toilets can be the most sanitary, cheapest, most ecological excreta management system for the right context. Oasis Design original designs.



Mexico work, past work [200 images] thanks to Lionila, Dora, and Amanda Sarkis for help on these

Current Models [140 images] thanks to Betty Siemans, Ed Hachfeld, Michelle Logan, Barbara Wishengrad and Maya Shoemaker for help on these


The Movie [partial draft]

There's more info on toilets (in Spanish) in Maruata at the Crossroads (download) .

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How it Works


  • Beneficial microorganisms bio-degrade pathogens

  • Plant roots take them up

  • A tight lid excludes flies and other vectors

  • The soil naturally absorbs odors

  • When the hole is full, bury it and move to the next spot

    Design Examples

    Deluxe Orchard Toilet

    With tiled masonry base and throne, casita for privacy/rain protection, fabricated by indigenous craftspeople in Michoacan, Mexico.

    Orchard toilet, fancy, square, with throne. Casita made of strips of cocobolo (extremely durable, beautiful hardwood). Masonry base is three pieces, and can be lifted assembled with four people via handles.

    Orchard toilet construction photos


    Cast Asian-style Cornfield Toilet



    Handwash water storage urn (sanitary handwash for earth toilet). Hose lowers, letting out a trickle of water (urn holds enough water for about 1,000 hand washes). Note ash, wood chips on side for flies, urine odor.




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