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Earth and Orchard Toilet Plans

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Mexico work, past work [200 images] (thanks to Lionila, Dora, and Amanda Sarkis for help on these)

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The Movie [partial draft]

There's more info on toilets (in Spanish) in Maruata at the Crossroads (download) .


The orchard toilet (small lid) is the easiest, best toilet to make and use. Takes 2/3 bucket of concrete (2" thick, 20-24" across),

Mold is mounded wet sand, with a board 3/8" smaller than the lid, and the lid itself.

A 4" stainless steel hinge is the high tech part. Hinge can also be leather.

Wood should be rot resistant.

Dig unlined holeabout the size of a 5 gal bucket, or two buckets on top of eachother.


Big lid in middle is same idea, but made of ferrocement (like a water tank!) it is 1" thick.This one gets a hole24-36" deep. 6" less radius than lid. You DON"T need the bread oven thing...that's cause in this site water is only 60 cm down (!)---you need a meter of separation to groundwater.



Good luck!


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