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August 2003

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Dear Systems Design Enthusiasts:

Ecological systems design differs from most conventional professions in that its focus is on the web of interconnections.

If I'd followed in the footsteps of my school comrades to become, say, an engineer of smart bombs, the most essential part of my job would be ignoring the connections between my work and everything else.

Web design is one of the few mainstream occupations where consideration of interconnectedness is recognized as fundamental to the job.

E commerce systems design

These last four months I've switched hats and have been pouring systems design effort into our web site e commerce.

It has been very new and interesting to mind-meld with collaborators who are highly skilled at systems design, but know little or nothing of it's application to the physical world of soil, sun, water, plants.

It's been like going to a different country and discovering that what at first appeared to be a foreign language is, in fact, a dialect of my native tongue...

Here are a few highlights of what we've done:

Why work on this? The point of our e commerce system is to create a gravity flow spring of money from designs we've already developed, so we can spend more time making new designs (and/or having a life!)

Test out the new system if you like. I especially recommend ordering Flow splitters (hardware) or Claves, which we couldn't even sell retail before because we couldn't prevent our shopping cart from trying to ship them book rate.

If you are interested in these solutions for your own site, check out the Web design page (I'd say the appropriate volume for this setup is $1000-$10,000 a month in sales).

Understanding water class

In June I taught my first class on Understanding water class to a group of very cool instructors from the Wilderness Youth Project. Here's a bit from the description:

We'll approach the topic from a wide range of perspectives: hydrologist, microbiologist, plant physiologist, chemist, backpacker, and wild nature spirit. If you can track across this whole spectrum you'll get the most out of it...

The class was an eye opener for me. It was such a pleasure to share this body of information I can't believe I've been sitting on it for so long. If you'd like us to prioritize work on the Understanding Water book/ CD-ROM, please cast a vote at the Vote for new books & articlespage. Meanwhile, there are a few hours of interesting reading linked from the Understanding water class course description page.


Cob building course in Coquille, Oregon

I'll be sharing my perspectives on Water Systems for Natural Building and Structurally Sound Cob at Ianto Evan's Cob Building course in Coquille, Oregon, August 5th-10th. Contact the Cob Cottage company for information on their course.


Ecological design courses in New Mexico

I'm planning to give a long awaited water and greywater systems design course in October 2003, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. For more information contact Amy Pilling at Ecoversity, 505 424-9797 x2#, and see Gray water workshop for more info.


Water Systems presentation at the Natural Building Colloquium

I'll be presenting the Water Systems for Natural Building information again sometime during the Natural Building Colloquium, October 5 11, 2003 at the Black Range Lodge in Kingston, New Mexico. For information, e mail Catherine Wanek.


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