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Downloadable Text and Graphics

for Your Web Site, Article, Catalog, Book Reveiw, etc.

Summary: Lots of good content for reporters, book reviewers, writers, and Oasis Design retailers.


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Stuff to add to your site

Retailers and referring sites…you can use the links below to navigate to text and graphics so that you can add color to your descriptions of our products.

Use policy

It took a lot of work to create this stuff, so please use it in a way that benefits us. If you're a retailer, anything you do to help promote our products is a benefit. If you're not, please give us credit for the information and a link. Also, please to let us know you're posting something of ours, and we'll have a look to make sure it's accurate; it is extremely easy to turn good information into misinformation by normal editing.

Oh-it is all copyrighted, so please note that on your site if appropriate.


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