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Employment Opportunities

Learn valuable skills while working on good projects
with interesting people in a beautiful environment

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Writing Water Storage-book at the office "annex"
Surfing the net
Office work (garlands courtesy of my daughter)
Researching the natural water cycle in the Santa Ynez River.
Water cycle research
Inside of ferrocement rain water storage tank, ready for stucco.
Building a ferrocement water cistern

We're looking for bright, detail oriented good workers, fun to be around, who have an solid foundation of existing skills to build from, and who can put valuable training to good use.

This is a rare opportunity to earn clean money while being trained to do good at a high level.

Compensation would be matched to your skill level, commitment, and the quality and quantity of work done. Past compensation packages have been combinations of money, training, room and board.

People have found it possible to live better with dramatically less money while working here.

The learning value of these positions is generally comparable to what you'd otherwise be paying for in grad school or expensive private courses.

Oasis has attracted exceedingly well qualified people in the past.

Demand for Oasis's information and services is strong; book sales, consulting and speaking requests. We have dozens of needed books and DVD's to finish, hundreds of web pages to add, and dozens of original designs to patent and liscence.

We've accumulated nearly 30 years of integrated, original designs and information on how to live better with less use of resources, and (now that masses of people are finally interested) we've got just a few years to get it out there while it can make the most difference.

If you are a generalist with strong specific skills, detail orientation, and self-management ability, perhaps you can help us get through this bottleneck. If you are a specialist tired of being part of the problem instead of the solution, perhaps we can send some work your way.

The job descriptions and schedules are flexible. The positions listed above can be combined, split, or expanded as needed to fit them to people we want to work with. We would inventory your skills and needs, and then if it looked like a good fit, mesh them with Oasis's work needs in the optimal way.


Note: we're deep in various projects at the moment, and aren't very good at responding quickly. Please check in with us a week or so after sending in your material.


Webmaster/ Content Manager /Publisher

Take over the in house publishing of our Oasis's original designs and information in books, web, articles, presentations, workshops, and DVDs. Direct outside editors, proofreaders, graphic artists, webmaster video editors, photographers etc., while doing as much of the work as you can/ want to/ have to yourself.

Includes both the maintenance and revision of our existing 1000 pages ± on the web, in books, video, and presentations, and the publishing of a much vaster reserve of original, unpublished material.


The ideal candidate would be—

The ideal candidate would have high-level skill in many of the areas below, probably from many years or a few decades of experience. They'd be able to learn the rest quickly, or manage and integrate the work of others in any skill areas missing:


Said another way...transforming raw information/ designs into finished products ready for publication on the web, in print and in video:

Examples of projects:

It's probably true that less than one person in several hundred is qualified for this job...but it's also true that probably less than one person in several hundred has a job this cool.

The weekly hours could be anywhere between 10 and 40 depending primarily on your ability to self-manage, and can be fit around kid's school schedule, travel, or whatever. 20 hours a week is most likely.

Our pay scale is competitive compared to other "activist" type work, lower than auctioning the talents above to the highest bidder, and very competitive on supporting overall quality of life.

We typically have a trial period with a trial wage of about 30 days in duration. Complete a couple large projects that generate new revenue streams, and get more oriented towards working independently, (six months-2 years, depending on experience and ability) and the pay would rise commensurately.

Much of the work could be done from home, especially as training progresses, though presence in the office is desirable.

If you're interested in the position or helping out with particular specialties, please fill out an Employment application.


Office assistant

Help out approximately 10 hours per week with a wide diversity of office tasks; editing, graphics, web work, managing computer files, calendar, responding to messages and emails...


The ideal candidate would be—

In the past trading for housing has worked out well for this position, as there is no commuting time to amortize over the hours spent.

If you're interested in the position please fill out an Employment application.