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Our quality conent attracts links from all over, including government Agencies who usually don't link to commercial, even if not-for-profit sites.


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Here's a list of popular pages to link to, with suggested descriptions. See the Downloadable copy & graphics page for more lengthy descriptive text, images, and content you could add to your site, catalog, book or article.

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Oasis Design - International leader in innovation and information on simple, unpatented DIY systems for greywater systems, gravity feed water supply, natural building, and more.

For hundreds of pages of free info on original innovations for ecological living see oasisdesign.net. You'll find their content replicated all over the internet; this is the source.

Ecological design

Oasis Design — Ecological systems design. Water, wastewater, and grey water systems, edible landscaping, transport bicycles, and more. Books, articles, and consulting.

  Principles of Ecological Design — Inspiration, and guidance for a radical redesign of our way of life.
Disengage from corporate consumer culture, and create a more fulfilling lifestyle.
Ecological design principles are fundamental to any green building or ecological living initiative.


Greywater central— All about greywater systems: Why to use them, how to choose, build and use them, regulations, studies, and examples.

Greywater Use for Irrigation
It's a waste to irrigate with drinking water when plants can thrive on shower or laundry water. The benefits of grey water irrigation include: lower water use, less strain on septic or treatment plant, better treatment, less energy and chemical use, reclamation of nutrients, and increased awareness of natural cycles. Ecological design is about context and integration between systems. Greywater systems are among the most context-sensitive and most connected of permaculture systems. Go far enough with getting the greywater right and you’ll get the whole thing right. More info.

Free instructions for installing a simple, low cost, effective laundry-only greywater system

Laundry To Landscape - Free instructions for installing a simple, low cost, effective laundry-only greywater system for yourself or as a business.

For a simple, improved laundry greywater system see "Laundry to Landscape" a system developed by Oasis Design. The other 65,000 links for this system now on the web all derive from Oasis's information.

Choosing building, and using a greywater system

Oasis greywater-book— How to choose, build, and use twenty types of greywater systems.

To choose, design, and use new greywater system, or to get more out of an existing one, reading a general book on greywater systems is a good first step.

Choosing building, and using a greywater system

Common greywater mistakes—Describes popular grey water system mistakes and designs that don't yield the best results. Recommends grey water systems that work better.

To avoid common pitfalls in greywater system design, be sure to read Oasis Design's compendium ofCommon greywater mistakes.

Greywater law, policy, research

Greywater policy center— Extensive information about legal aspects of grey water, with links to more.
The legal aspects of greywater reuse are almost never a problem for homeowners doing retrofit systems, but almost always a problem for new construction or large retrofits.

Builders who are interested in incorporating greywater in new construction and remodeling, researchers and regulators

Builder's GW Guide-book—Will help building professionals or homeowners work within or around building codes to successfully include greywater systems in new construction or remodeling, even if they have little prior greywater experience.

A tip of the hat to Oasis Design for decades of authoritative greywater information, policy work, and innovation, including the Branched Drain and Laundry to Landscape greywater systems. (Thanks to centralcoastgreywater.org)
Urban and institutional greywater applications

Indoor greywater reuse Cascading, gray water heat recovery, and rainwater harvesting case studies, links, and references.


Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting — Resources for design and construction of rainwater harvesting systems.



Legalize Sustainability Information and Resources - An inventory of strategies to get over, around, under or through institutional barriers to sustainability.



What driving costs— What driving really costs, and how much you can save by using alternatives.



Water Storage-bookDesigning, building and maintaining tanks and ponds; sustainably managing groundwater, how to make ferro cement tanks.


Finally there is a general book on water storage. It is estimated that on the average water system, Oasis Design's book will pay for itself a hundred times over in errors avoided and maintenance savings.

Backpackers, campers, boaters, kayakers, camp leaders, forest
service types, liveaboards, etc.

Engineers, treatment plant operators, regulators of water and wastewater, watershed managers, builders, Back to the landers, etc.

Wild water wisdom-article— Outdoors people: see how to bathe, wash dishes, and laundry in the outdoors without getting the water dirty, by understanding the impact of adding different materials to different points in the water cycle. Learn about alternative cleaning materials from the wild.

Engineers: gain insight for better design of any water or wastewater system, by understanding how nature handles water and wastewater.

Engineers, treatment plant operators, regulators of water and wastewater, watershed managers, water lovers

Fecal coliform counts— What they really mean about water quality. Alternative measurements of bacteriological water quality can help you understand general and fecal coliform bacteria counts and relate them to the real world. Understanding water quality can help you design and use systems better.


More Topics ...

Partial list;  Astounding Google ranks has some of the more random topics which aren't in our main index...

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