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Oasis Design Press Room

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Oasis and greywater in news and articles


Many media outlets turn to Oasis Design for original, accurate content. We work on this stuff because we believe in it, and the more widely distributed the information the better.

(Oasisauthoritative on many, many topics; check out our  Astounding Google ranks)

If you are crafting a piece and think we might have some text or graphics which could benefit your project, please  Email us .

Depending on the outlet and how much work we have to do, our images and text may be used with a moderate charge, or, especially if we don't have to modify the material, nothing more than a credit (e.g., "this material used with permission from Oasis Design, oasisdesign.net").

Our material has been used in scores of articles and books.

At times our information has been reproduced without critical context or qualifiers so that it could lead people to build something wrong. We prefer to have the opportunity to check articles featuring our material for technical accuracy. Many publications have asked us to check other writing for technical accuracy and this is now a service we offer as well.

Articles by us, or written with our help, or about us (partial list)

Mentions in books (partial list)

Reviews (partial list)

There is content of all sorts throughout our web site (Site map), theDownloadable copy & graphicspage, and in our Books & articles which could form the basis of many articles. This material can be used with permission and citation. The articles below have already been distilled from this information:




In the happy instance that you might want to review one of our books outright, here are press releases:

The Downloadable copy & graphics page and the product detail pages (accessible through Books & articles) has high resolution images of the covers.




Art Ludwig


About the Author

Ecological designer Art Ludwig consults internationally on the design of water, wastewater and solar energy systems, as well as efficient fixtures, and edible landscapes. He has designed four new types of greywater systems, and formulated the first plant and soil biocompatible cleaners. He lives with his family among forty varieties of fruit trees in the mountains behind Santa Barbara, California.

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