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Action alerts and articles

Other actions..., of all the political groups I've been involved with, makes activism easiest for busy people. I suggest you sign up for their e mail action alerts. These show up at about the right frequency, are timely calls to action on the most crucial issues, and provide an expedient means of taking effective action. If I follow one of their suggested actions, I can count on being in and out in five minutes or less.

Being on these guys e mail list enables me to maintain a minimum background level of activism going on the most outrageous issues between times when I have energy to take more time-consuming action on my own activism projects. is a similar organization, extremely well designed for maximum impact with minimum effort. A typical member action involves hitting the "reply" button to an action alert e mail, that automatically sends faxes to your representatives in congress!

Don't let the weapons of mass distraction get you!

Who to donate money to? How much?

After careful consideration, I'm upping my financial contributions from hundreds to thousands.

What use are savings or income if my children are to grow up under fascism?

This is where I'm sending my money:

Stay informed

Alternative sources of information:

To boost the effectiveness of your activist web site

There are many suggestions for increasing the usability of your web site on our Web design page.

Move on and are an excellent example of a highly effective web-based activism program. I suggest signing up for their e mail alerts just to see how they are done; they are even better than their web site.

Here's an example of a design to improve the effectiveness of your activist e mails.



Anti-car raves

Pro-bicycle raves

A collection of letters to editor and politicians about making the world a better place with bicycle-friendly policy. Many of them but not all are Santa Barbara County focused.

Bike links & Resources