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Tip Jar


Tip Jar

We've added a Tip jar feature to the Oasis site to make it easy for those who appreciate our several hundred pages of free information to contribute to the maintenance and expansion of this body of free content.

The more people use the tip jar, the more of the thousands of pages of our unpublished original designs we'll be able to open source like this.

If you've saved tens of thousands of dollars on your construction projects, thousands of dollars on bicycle transportation over cars, had your life saved by our dengue fever information, or gotten some other significant benefit from our site and you don't need and books or downloads, please consider donating:

If there is a particular page or topic you want to support, please mention it in the comments field.
You choose the number of tips, in dollar increments...any credit card, pay pal, e check...


—The Oasis team



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