Tools & Materials Shopping List for Plumbing and Masonry in English and Spanish

Liste de Materiales y Herramientas para Plomería y Albañilería en Español y Ingles

Art Ludwig


$4.95 Black & white download

Author: Art Ludwig, published by Oasis Design. 2004. 8.5x11, 6 pages, 57 figures, black & white, 136K download. $4.95 -NOTE: this is a beta version; drawings are pencil sketches, layout is not polished and it is not exhaustive. That being said, its the best we've seen in this otherwise empty niche.

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This is a list of common plumbing and masonry tools and components, in English, Spanish and pictures. It includes use tips (how to make good joints in PVC and galvanized pipe, for example), and doubles as a shopping list for hardware store runs, which was the use for which it was originally developed.

It is in both PDF and editable MS-Word formats. A great use for a list like this (even if you don't need the Spanish) is having a consciously limited set of plumbing sizes and materials to deal with. For example, for most projects I steer us towards use of 1/2", 1" and 2" sizes, and carefully avoiding 3/4", 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" sizes. This greatly reduces the amount of inventory we need to keep on hand, and increases the likelihood that we'll have the right part amongst a smaller stock of materials.

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$4.95 Black & white download

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