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Composting Toilets: Toilet Alternatives

(Work in progress)

A Comprehensive Guide to Alternatives to the Flush Toilet
for Homeowners, Builders, and Regulators

-working title-

Input solicited!

We're currently gathering resources & information for a book on composting toilets. Watch this spot for updates. If you have anything to contribute or suggest, please  Email us .

Beautiful indoor composting toilet installation.

Input we're looking for in particular:

-If you are a manufacturer or author, please visit the Composting toilet suppliers  page, then  Email us us a Supplier listing.

-If you have information to offer, please e mail it to me, or e mail me a description. Please e mail first before mailing any hard copies.

-If you would be interested in purchasing or reselling the composting toilet book (or greywater books) please Email us especially if you would like a lot of them.


Between 8.5 x 11, 100-250 pages. Fonts, Styles, Conventions, Artwork: Similar to Water Storage-book. Four color cover, black and white inside.


$most likely $19.95

Positioning/Target Audience

Toilet Alternatives will take an expansive view, including all non-flush toilet designs, and any flush toilet design with creative features which yield unusual, useful benefits. It will be a very practical manual, with all the information needed to make an informed choice between thirty or more options, and with all the clear, detailed nuts and bolts information needed to build twenty or so of them.
Once available, it would be the only book most people would need for their composting toilet information needs, except for specialized reference works on narrow aspects of the topic. Toilet Alternatives will represent a global perspective drawn from four years of international travel, and current information and resources from all over.
The book will not include detailed scientific analyses, or lengthy anti-flush toilet diatribes, neither of which are necessary for a general audience, and both of which are well covered by existing literature. Toilet Alternatives will endeavor to win the trust of all types of readers with a balanced presentation of the strengths and weaknesses of each system.