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Composting Toilet Supplier Listing

Add your company to our Composting toilet suppliers list.

Suppliers! Please Email us your supplier listing in the following format:

Company name
Mailing address
Phone, fax, e-mail, web site
Brief factual blurb about what you're offering, in neutral (non-sales) language.
Especially include number of toilets (or components) installed, number of years oldest still operating installations have been in place, and number of years current design(s) have been in use.


Manufacturer of urine separating toilet seats and accessories. Builder of thousands of urine separating toilets in rural Mexico for 12 years.


Bear in mind that this is background info for us to write a description, not the final version. In the listing we might shorten this to:

Manufacturer of urine separating toilet seats and accessories. Experienced builder of urine separating toilets in rural Mexico.

If you don't feel ready to have part or all of the raw listing posted here, just include a note to that effect. We will try and contact every single reference just before we go to press to confirm the accuracy of listing info. The whole point of this book is accurate, full disclosure about composting toilet options, so please resist the temptation to misrepresent anything in your listing, including the type of puffery ("best composting toilet in the world!") legally permissible in your own marketing material. On the other hand, we are supportive of the composting toilet idea and anyone striving to make a living off it, so we try to stay positive and focus on the positive attributes of your offerings. Willingness to misrepresent the facts to secure sales is itself useful information about a company for consumers, and we may include a warning to this effect about particular manufacturers if it seems warranted.

Competitors! Please  Email us  the dirt on your competition, especially any inaccurate information in their listings & descriptions.