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Ecological Design Consulting Inquiry

If you are looking for a free bit of design advice, please see Frequently asked questions.

For general information on consulting, please see the Consulting main page before sending your inquiry. It answers many frequently asked questions including cost, terms and how to get started, and has links to examples of consulting jobs and a list of background information needed for a consultation.

We won't actually start work on your project until we receive a site plan, snapshots, and a deposit check. If you're in a rush, try and get these in the snail mail ASAP. For most cases it is helpful and a consulting time/cost savings to purchase and read our relevantBooks & articles. If you are sending a deposit check, you can add the cost of any books you wish to obtain to the check.

Please tell us a bit about your project, below...we look forward to working together.

Art Ludwig

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Sorry, this form has been disabled due to consulting work overload.

Several years ago I worked with someone who would not respond to any contact other than a deposit check for starting work. At the time this seemed preposterous to me, but that is exactly what I'm doing now. I know it is preposterous, but at the moment I don't have several hours a week to answer consulting inquiries, most of which seem to consist of doling out info on terms and conditions which is already in various parts of our web site.

Please carefully read all the info on Consulting, especially the work and if you are seriously interested and think we're a good match, send a packet with at minimum, a site plan, and a deposit. If you can include snapshots and any other info requested for the Site evaluation form that would be great. I will not deposit the check until we've agreed to start work together. Bear in mind that there is a still a chance that I will decline the job; these are the most likely reasons:

If we end up working together, this several hours extra a week will enable me to pay better attention to your project. I apologize for any inconvenience.