How to Make the Most Green DVD

Were working with a green DVD replicator, Ilex media, to push the envelope of green DVD design.

What we've come up with so far is an 80% post consumer recycled cardstock case, printed with soy ink. It's entirely made of paper (no shrink wrap, and no other plastic except for a small closure sticker). It approximates the size and shape and aesthetic beauty of a standard amaray DVD case.

The case has a 10 mm spine (way wider than most paper DVD sleeves; 14 mm is the spine width of a regular plastic DVD case). This time around the slot for the DVD was cut a little tight—we're going to make it an easier fit next time.

The overall resource use on the cardboard cases for our Laundry to Landscape (DVD) is way less than their conventional plastic counterparts. The paper can be recycled or bio-degraded, and the DVD itself can be down-cycled. The DVD itself was packed with as much information as it can possibly hold—no wasted capacity.



Laundry to Landscape DVD
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