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Ecological Design Photo Gallery

Ecological living can and should be aesthetically beautiful as well as more economical, ecological, healthy and fulfilling...

See also Nature & balance gallery and slideshows in Earth, & orchard toilets



home birth

Home birth


Home school in hammoc at creek.

Home school


Fruit harvested from agro-forestry system.

Edible landscape (Fruit tree chart)


Photo: Dave Muscroft


Beautiful permaculture garden irrigated with branched drain gray water system

Greywater garden (Greywater central)

Bubinga hardwood gate made from guitar factory milling reject wood.

Ferrocement garden gate


Beautiful indoor composting toilet installation.

Composting toilets

Ferro cement rain water storage tank.

Ferrocement rainwater cistern —Water Storage-book


Bikes, busses and pedestrians co-exisisting on Copenhagen street.

Bikes and public transport


Maruata overview

Indigenous communitywhere we work in Mexico

Kids who grow up with wilderness relate to natural forces differently
Same image-awesome larger size (68k)


Baby nursery turtles ready for release.

Turtle nursery

Overview of Huehuecoyotl eco village

Eco village


African dance class at Huehuecoyotl

African dancing


Working outdoors

Rock-shaped water tank—Water Storage-book

Water storage pond—Water Storage-book

Traditional water storage urn

Yurt bath house

Cob building workshop group photo

Cob Workshop

Researching the natural water cycle in the Santa Ynez River.

Water cycle research


Beach rock balance


Nature & balance gallery More, bigger rock balance and natural camping pictures (1mb)

Some of these and many other photos are available for reprinting.  Email us  for details.


Ecological design photos wanted—cash or credit paid