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Newsletter: Consulting Pet Projects, Free Books, etc.

October 2005

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Consulting pet projects

If you are one of the many folks who has wanted consulting but couldn't get on our calendar, I'm taking on a few jobs which involve a few pet projects:

Free books for your clever greywater title, good photos, systems

We're doing another major overhaul of our greywater books. We'll send at least one free book to anyone who sends us photos, a system example or clever new title that we use. In particular we're looking for a real good cover photo. See Ecological design photos wanted for more info.


Watson wick

We've added a new page on Watson Wicks, a very simple, inexpensive septic system alternative.


Customer satisfaction survey

If you bought stuff from us, please let us know how you like it, if you haven't already: Customer Satisfaction Survey.


Composting toilet and rainwater harvesting system survey

Why does the same model of composting toilet work perfectly for some folks, and not at all for others? We've wondered this ourselves, so we're setting up a web tool to gather information on toilet performance worldwide. If you'd like to help develop or participate in this survey, or link to it from your site, please  Email us .


Cool link: Ancient Water Systems

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