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Newsletter: Greywater Workshops, Ferro Cement Workhop, Montana Greywater Law, Web Forum

September 2007

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Greywater becoming legal in Montana!

House Bill 259 directs the board of Environmental Review to create rules and regulations regulating residential greywater systems.


"Gray water" means wastewater that is collected separately from a sewage flow and that does not contain industrial chemicals, hazardous wastes, or wastewater from toilets.

Kitchen sinks appear to be allowed.


(1) Gray water may not be used to irrigate plants to be consumed by humans.

Irrigation of fruit trees should be allowed.


Upcoming workshops

Greywater Workshops with Art Ludwig and Brad Lancaster October 11-13 in Cottonwood, AZ. Learn positive, practical, and pro-active solutions to make water go farther.


Ferro cement Water Tank workshop November 4-10, 2007 with Paul Kimnitzer in Los Olivos, California. In one week, build a 10,000 gallon water tank. Learn a trade as well as utilitarian art form, and/or possible business. This process can also be used to build hot tubs, houses, sheds, benches, furniture, urns, etc. Your imagination is your guide! $650 for the week includes all materials, instruction, tools, meals and camping. This course will take place at SPIRIT PINE SANCTUARY, a demonstration sustainability site. For more info and register at 805.698.3840.



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