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Newsletter: Integrated Water Design presentation, Eco Books' soaring popularity, Radical article in Fine Homebuilding, New content on

November 2008

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Upcoming Events

Water Futures: Integrated Design for Water and Wastewater lectures, regulator luncheon, December 2-3, 2008 in San Luis Obispo, CA

Eco plumbing books top ranks of all plumbing books on Amazon

The country is indeed changing...of the 100 best-selling plumbing books, the top slots are dominated by deep green plumbing books. Our Water Storage-book and Oasis greywater-book have been in the top three for several months now. Check out the current ratings.

As the mainstream economy deflates, it seems that those offering resources related to species survival are relatively thriving. I'd say that interest in our information has doubled in the past 18 months.



Oasis in Fine Homebuilding

Fine Homebuilding magazine sought us out to write Live Better, Waste Less, which essentially suggests to 300,000 builders that they should forget about building those monster fake green homes and build small and deep green. Sample quote:

...we need to build smaller and for the long haul. A small home well crafted to last for centuries uses a fraction of the resources of a big house designed for a one-act play: the sale.

This article would be par for the course in Mother Earth's appearance in Fine Homebuilding is yet another sign that serious change is afoot.

New web pages

Drumless Laundry Greywater Systems

Check out our Laundry to landscape  page, which is a compilation of current best management practices for building your own Drumless Laundry System, as well as the information to run a business installing them, and referrals to local "franchisees" who can build one for you.

Earth Toilets

We have added tons of photos and information about our newest Earth, & orchard toilets. We've included plans and construction photos so you can make one for your house (or a bunch for your village).


Tip Jar

We've added a  Tip jar feature to the Oasis site to make it easy for those who appreciate our several hundred pages of free information (but don't need books or downloads) to contribute to to the maintenance and expansion of this body of free content.

The more people use the tip jar the more of the thousands of pages of of our unpublished original designs and content we'll be able to open source like this.

Cool links

New York Times interactive inflation exceptionally nice example of communicating quantitative information in graphical format., a call for America to focus on renewable energy
The interesting thing about this web site is that it is the creation of a Texas Oil guy, an arch conservative who was a major fund source for the Swift Boat attack ads. Pickens' presentation about peak oil and renewable energy to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee


Finally...a Mexican friend says this is something he'd never thought he'd see...

..and I have to say I would have been less suprised to have been living under martial law.


"The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice."

—Martin Luther King Jr.



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