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Newsletter: New California Graywater Policy in Progress, Greywater Stakeholders' Meeting, and Legalizing Sustainability

February 2009

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New web pages

We've added a bunch of new content to the web site, including:

Legalize sustainability—Reasons and strategies for removing the institutional barriers to sustainability

CA gray water policy center—Detailed suggestions and resources for making the most of the SB 1258 opportunity to improve graywater standards in California

History of greywater regs—History of graywater regulation in the US, with a focus on the current mess and future opportunities in California


Graywater stakeholders' meeting in Sacramento February 25, 2009

There will be a graywater Stakeholders meeting in Sacamento February 25th, 2009 to go over the new law...hope to see you there.

To be added to the Stakeholder's Group, for info on the meeting, or to have input into California's new greywater ordinance, contact James Rowland, the lead contact at the CA Department of Housing and Community Development, (916) 445-4782.


You can support DHC to pass a good law by sending James an e mail explaining your desire to have California take heed of the facts that:

And take these actions:

Be sure to note your experience/ qualifications/ position, espeically if you are a government official, or working in public health or medicine.


Cool links

Architecture 2030: Ed Mazria and his team at Architecture 2030 have made it their mission to rapidly transform the US and global Building Sector from the major contributor of greenhouse gas emissions to a central part of the solution to the global-warming crisis. At this moment, they're in Washington D.C. working to get legislators to implement the organization's two-year, nine-million-jobs investment plan as part of the stimulus package that is now being debated.

Ed has asked supporters to write to our Senators and encourage them to consider the plan and to meet with Ed Mazria when he asks for an appointment. Check out their sample letters to Senators and other law makers.


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