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Newsletter: Vote for the Name of New Graywater Laundry System; Launched

March 2009

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Vote for a new name for the Drumless Laundry graywater system

Mere days before we go to press to print two years worth of books, we're still on the fence about the name for our new public interest greywater system design.

Was: "Drumless Laundry"
Then: "Green Laundry"
Now considering: "Washer to Mulch Basins" or "Laundry to Mulch Basins"

This is going in the city of Santa Barbara's greywater code compliance package as well as our book, so a simple descriptive name seems best.

You can find out more information about the system on the Drumless Laundry web page, and in the Laundry to Landscape (PDF 1mb), which is the latest info going into the book (let us know if we screwed anything up on this, now rather than later, por favor!)

A functional description of the system is

Washer Pressurized Multi-Outlet Unfiltered Greywater to Mulched Basins and Trees System

which is obviously too long and technical.

I think the title should be:

Some more ideas....

Please let us know your ideas!  Email us  to vote TODAY!


New web site: The Graywater Policy and Science Center at

Visit to share information on greywater science and regulation, participate in greywater forums, comment on articles, join the California Greywater Standard listserv, and contribute to the development of state of the art graywater law.

The site was launched as a public service resource to make more efficient use of time and money on the part of Government and other stakeholders in the effort write California’s new greywater standard.

(note: discontinued after it achieved its goal of a better CA greywater standard)



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