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Newsletter: Laundry to Landscape Workshop, Greywater Stakeholder Input Survey

May 2009

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Upcoming Events

We're going to teach a workshop on the new Laundry to Landscape greywater system in Santa Barbara, CA some time soon—date TBA. It will mainly target landscapers and others who are well-positioned to install these systems professionally. If you're interested, please  Email us .


New California Graywater Standard Stakeholder Input Survey

Good news on the graywater regulation front; the California Department of Housing and Community Development is taking a fairly progressive approach to the rewrite of the regulations. To back them up by showing popular support, please take the new

Online Stakeholder Input Survey!


It takes just a couple of minutes to weigh in on several key issues, have your voice heard and vote counted for a quantitative public record of stakeholder input. Be sure to include any qualifications you may have in the areas of public health, engineering, architecture, public policy, etc.

Our objective with the survey is to make a quantitative record of stakeholders' expert council to back up HCD's modifications of the model standard.

(for much more on the New California Greywater Standard process see our CA gray water policy center).


Besides the questions on the paper surveys distributed at the stakeholders meeting on April 27, we took a cue from HCD to add questions about the proscriptive standard for emitter and mulch depth.

Also, there's a space to add your specific comments or suggestions at the end.

Thank you to Leslie Sellman-Sant for a fabulous job of researching the best (free) software and translating the questions into it, and thanks to all those who filled out a survey.

One limitation of this free thing is that we have to manually publish the results.

After the responses seem to mostly be in, we'll publish all the ballots, minus the e mail addresses on line so the accuracy of our electronic balloting can be verified.


You can also write James Rowland, the lead contact at the CA Department of Housing and Community Development, to let him know to that he's on the right track making the new standard as progressive as possible.




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