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Photos Wanted

Cash, book or consulting credit is available for photos of the following:

  • Branched drain systems in all phases of construction
  • Really attractive greywater irrigated yards
  • Transport bikes and their users
  • Composting toilets
  • Rainwater harvesting systems
  • Dishrack from Toscanna, Italy
  • Other photos which you think might be of interest based on what you see on our web site…

Photos must be good quality; in focus, good lighting (without distracting shadow and light patterns, or extremes of light and shadow), and the subject clear. Original slides are the preferred format, negatives will also work. We can return the original after scanning/duplicating. Send us scans, prints or duplicates to review, and if they suit our purposes we can pay you on approval or publication. We can't be responsible for handling unsolicited originals. Please  Email us  to let us know what you've got.