Understanding Water, Legalize Sustainability (presentation)

by Art Ludwig

at the Village Building Convergence in Portland, OR

Radio interview to be aired Thursday, May 22, Noon-1:30 on KBOO in Portland
Presentation to the Portland City Council, Wednesday, May 28, 9:15 a.m.
Keynote lecture and slide show at the Village Building Convergence, Friday May 30, 8p.m.


Summary: information and preparation for Art's greywater lecture at the Village Building Convergence 2008.

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"The Village Building Convergence is part of The City Repair Project Placemaking Program, fulfilling City Repair’s mission to educate and inspire communities and individuals to creatively transform the places where they live. City Repair’s work is focused on developing strong local relationships, social capital and equity, placemaking, ecological design, supporting our local economy, and developing our city and bioregion as a network of interconnected Village Centers." —VBC web site


Topics We'll Explore

Integrated design for water supply, greywater reuse, runoff management, energy efficiency, food production, and economic sustainability; removing policy barriers to sustainability.


Where & When

Bossanova, 722 E Burnside, Portland, OR. Friday May 30th at 8:05pm. See the Village Building Convergence web site for details.

City Council Talk; Legalize Sustainability

Watch video ... Portland City Council 5-28-08 9:30AM meeting. Mark Lakeman is on 11:15-15:45, Art 15:45-19:30.

Background Reading

This material will add more depth if you can scan or read any of it—


City Council talk (watch video Portland City Council 5-28-08 9:30AM, Mark Lakeman 11:15-15:45, Art 15:45-19:30)


Friday keynote talk:


Green building professionals meeting:


Oregon Recode meeting: