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California Statewide Graywater Conference

Tuolumne County Environmental Health presents:


November 15th and 16th, 2012
Evergreen Lodge, Yosemite, CA


Information and background reading for Art Ludwig's lecture on Why Greywater Matters.

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To register, please contact Sierra Watershed Progressive.


What the Why Greywater Matters Lecture Will Explore

The essence of ecological design is to do what makes sense in the context. Greywater systems are highly context sensitive, so small changes in the context can send the design in a totally different direction. For example, the scale of the water flow can require a shift from the ultra simple systems that are almost universally applicable for residential-scale systems to complex systems with filtration, pumping, and electronic controls.

The lecture will cover:

Further reading & Resources

Create an Oasis with Grey Water book cover.

The more of the background info below you understand (or have been exposed to) before coming, the more you will get out of the lecture.

Optimal, Integrated Design

Sustainability Policy


Understanding Water

Water System Design


Art Ludwig's Bio

Optimal, integrated design has been Art Ludwigs day job for 32 years. His specialty is complex, deep green integrated "systems of systems" for water, wastewater systems, energy, shelter, human powered transport, financial sustainability, etc. Using Art's designs, a 75 percent reduction in per capita negative impact is easily achievable and 90% is possible. At UC Berkeley, he developed the first laundry detergent biocompatible with plants and soil, and founded a successful manufacturing business to distribute it. His books Oasis greywater-book and Water Storage-book are top sellers on Amazon, his DVD Laundry 2 landscape-videois helping educate a new generation of landscapers. His 500 page web site, is top ranked for a wide range of topics. He has worked professionally on building codes in three states. He has helped craft greywater codes in New York, Arizona, New Mexico, Santa Barbara. His quantitative analysis of the health risks of greywater smoothed the way for more rational regulation of greywater in California, and he played a major role in the crafting of the new standards. He lives with his family in a food jungle in a canyon above Santa Barbara, California, which features rainwater and runoff catchment, as well as numerous other water conservation and reuse features.