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Water Systems & Integrated Design

With Art Ludwig, Penny Livingston-Stark and Brock Dolman

July 5-8, 2008

Introduction to Cob and Earthen Construction

With Art Ludwig, Penny Livingston-Stark and friends

July 9-12, 2008

Regenerative Design Institute, Bolinas, CA

Summary: Information and background reading resources for the 3-day Water Wizard workshop

On this page:

Water Systems and Integrated Design

What This Course Will Explore

Helpful Preparation

The more of the background info below you understand (or have been exposed to) before coming, the more you will get out of the workshop.

The following is worth reading all the way through:

Eco Design Principles-article
Water testing-download

(workshop participants may download the above items from this directory)
GW site assessment checklist-pdf
Eco home checklist-pdf
Water Storage-book
Oasis greywater-book


This stuff will add more depth if you can scan or read any of it:

Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands (book by Brad Lancaster)
Stub outs
Eco village house
Common greywater mistakes
Wild water wisdom-article
Stub outs & collection plumbing checklist (PDF)


Cob and Earthen Construction workshop

What this Course Will Explore

Join us at Commonweal Garden for this hands-on workshop and gain experience with Cob Construction and Natural Finishes. We will focus on the building of a small spiral cob structure, along with, the completion of a hybid straw structure - straw bale/light straw clay/straw wattle. We will explore the art of earthen plasters and learn the details of finishing a building to accomplish elegance, form and style. Other natural building techniques will also be explored.

Presentations include:

Hands on experience includes:

Course Logistics

On-site camping and organic meals are included in the course fees.

The water workshop starts at 5pm on Saturday, July 5, and ends at 5pm on Tuesday, July 8. We recommend arriving by 4pm on Saturday to set up camp and get oriented to the site.

The cob and earthen construction workshop starts at 9am on Wednesday, July 9, and ends at 5pm on Saturday, July 12. You are welcome to arrive on Tuesday, July 8 after 5pm to set up camp. (Dinner on Tuesday evening is not included.)

For more info and registration, see the Water Wizard and Cob and Earthen Construction course listings on Regenerative Design Insitute's web site.