Convincing Arguments Needed for the County Government to Allow Graywater

Rai Cain wrote:
> Subject: convincing arguments needed for the County government to allow graywater
> Background: I am in dialogue with various entities, and need to show feasibility.
> Question(s): Does Santa Barbara routinely permit greywater systems? Do many
> jurisdictions?

Greywater systems are PERMISSIBLE in Santa Barbara County as well as most of California.
Unfortunately the law is so unappealing that almost no one elects to go this route. I think
about one a year get permits in SB, an area where perhaps 30,000 people were reusing
greywater in the last drought.
The intersection between the sets of legal and sensible systems is very small. If it fits
your site, a subsurface branched drain network like the one I designed for a recent State
of California greywater study might be your best bet. Being a successful part of that
government study should definitely help establish feasibility in a way that is credible
to your regulators. I've posted a copy of this study "Monitoring Graywater Use: Three Case
Studies in California" on the q&a archives.
I'm currently writing a how to book just on this system, which would be useful for you
if you go this way. I hope to have a first draft together in a few weeks. [Branched drain greywater systems is now available.]
The city of Los Angeles also did a nice, credible study on greywater. Call 213 367 1138.

Greywater policy center has more info.
Good luck!

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