40° Below Conditions and Branched Drain System

Subject: Branched Drain systems in 40° below conditions
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000
From: Art Ludwig <Oasis Design>

Scott wrote:
> I do note that "freezing" is one of the topics mentioned in the
> description of the content, but there's "freezing" and then there's
> "40 below". ;-)
> Do you know if the concepts are suitable for cold climate
> application, or if there's an easy way for me to find out before I
> order?
> Lots of very hip graywater treatment systems assume warm
> climates, which doesn't even seem fair to an exclusively American
> audience.

I don't get to see 40° below conditions much personally, but I collect any info I can
get from people in all sorts of extreme situations.
is put up by a 40° below guy. See also: Greywater in cold climates.
The branched drain system is a very new design and has
not been tried in extreme cold to my knowledge. On the other hand, it has features
which suggest that it could work really well in extreme cold. For one, the ENTIRE
system, every inch of it, slopes downward to an outlet, so there is no standing water
anywhere. Also, it can supply water to outlet chambers insulated under mulch or
soil, or both (with undisturbed snow on top, too), or to beds in a greywater solar
greenhouse. The solar greenhouse, so far as I can make out is the best way to go in
genuinely cold conditions.

Hope this helps,

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