Commercial Building Graywater Treatment

Subject: Graywater treatment for commercial buildings
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001
From: Art Ludwig
To: Joe Hanlon <Jhanlon©>

Joe Hanlon from Massachusetts wrote:
> As a civil engineer involved in land development, I am
> involved in several large scale projects with large water
> and sewer demands. These projects are typically serviced
> by municipal sewer so septic installation is not a cost
> issue. Water and sewer rates are passed on to end users.
> These facilities often have cooling and irrigation
> requirements in excess of 10,000 gallons per day,(10% -
> 20% of total flow) in an area where seasonal water
> shortages and depleting aquifers are becoming important
> regional issues.
> I am looking for contacts with experience in practical
> alternatives (practical from a developers standpoint) to
> reusing this volume of greywater. I'm looking for
> greywater treatment technology, as composting toilets in
> large buildings will not be permitted in Massachusetts.

Check our commercial building greywater resource page: Indoor greywater reuse.These
are emerging technologies and opportunities to save money
(i.e., the kind of economics developers are typically
looking for, are spotty but usually present in at least some
areas if you look for them.)
Good luck,

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