Laundry Detergent Ingredients

Subject: laundry detergent....bad ingredients, safe ingredients etc.
Date: Thu, 03 May 2001
From: Art Ludwig

Jana Zendik from Mill Spring, North Carolina writes
regarding cleaning detergent for use with greywater
> Hello...I live on an Arts Commune and I am the laundry
> girl extrordinaire....we are installing a grey water
> system and I need to know the "no, no" ingredients of
> laundry and dish soaps....such as, is baking soda O.K.?
> or is it too much sodium ? questions like that. Thank
> you for your time.

I remember the Zendiks coming through Lothlorien when I was going to Berkeley. I ran into one of you all somewhere else recently but I can't seem to remember where at the moment...

Anyway, sodium, chlorine and boron are the no-no's. Most do-it-yourself cleaners rely on baking soda or borax, which are truly disastrous for plants. There is info on one plant and soil biocompatible cleaner at
and much more on this topic in our Oasis greywater-book and the  Builder's GW Guide-book.
Take care,

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