Greywater System for Area with Frozen Ground

Subject: Greywater system for area with frozen ground from sept to may
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 07:05:49 -0800
From: Art Ludwig
To: Larry Reeves <ladere©>

Larry Reeves from Lake George, Colorado, writes regarding a
greywater system for an area with frozen ground. The
environment is mountainous (8500 ft.), with 20 inches
rainfall per year. One of his goals is to protect the
septic system from washer and disposal solids. The soil is
very sandy/rocky and drains quickly.
> Is it feasible to construct a greywater system in a
> climate where freezing temperatures prevail 8 to 9 months
> per year? The ground remains frozen from September to
> May.

Yes. Colorado, in fact is especially well suited to the
solution, which is a greywater greenhouse. You can put more
loamy soil in there for better purification, then let it
drain out the bottom into the rocky sandy stuff.
Good luck!

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