Legality of an Existing Greywater System in a Newly Bought House in Kern Co., CA

Subject: legality of an existing greywater system in a newly bought house in Kern Co.
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2001
From: Art Ludwig

John from Kern County, Calif., writes regarding a greywater
system in his newly purchased house. Rainfall is minimal
in this desert climate.

> I have recently bought a house that had an existing grey
> water system installed however before I bought the house
> the person disconnected it before selling the house. I
> have reconnected it and it has worked excellent but am
> not sure of the legality of it. From this web site I have
> gathered that certain systems are legal. Do you know the
> agency or a way I can find out whether I need to worry
> about getting fined or getting in trouble for having this
> hooked up. Its a branched network that has 5 different
> exits that go to trees in my backyard thanks for any
> help.

Chances are it is illegal. If the greywater daylights at
any point it is definitely illegal. The chance of getting
in trouble is almost nil, and the actual health hazard is
probably also close to zero; that one is hard to say without
seeing the system.
I'm curious about the branched network; how is the
splitting achieved, and does the water come out all the
outlets at the same rate?

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