Grass Watering with Greywater Through Subsurface Drip Irrigation

Subject: Watering of grass with subsurface drip
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2001
From: Art Ludwig

Tom wrote:
> Re: watering of lawns via subsurface greywater... suppose
> the soil below the root-zone of the lawn gets enough
> moisture from subsurface greywater that it allows for a
> reduction of surface freshwater application. Instead of
> infiltration of surface moisture down past the root area
> to drier subsoil, it can stay up close to the roots for
> transpiration? Any signs of this happening in the history
> of "mini leachfields" so far? Is this significant enough
> to be useful?
> I will add that in the time I was operating a South Texas
> ranch, there was a big difference between how fast water
> would make it across a field during flood irrigation,
> comparing times when it was very dry to times when there
> was still a little subsurface moisture.

The moisture actually goes up; once the grass is
established no surface watering is needed. I don't think
this is feasible with mini-leachfields.

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