Passive Solar Greywater Greenhouse

Subject: Passive Solar Greywater Greenhouse
Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2000
From: Art Ludwig <Oasis Design>

Jane wrote:
> Dear Art,
> Thank you for such a prompt response. What is an attached solar greywater
> greenhouse? The plans for the system I researched on your web site
> looked affordable, however a green house seems costly. I am not only
> interested in an ecological alternative to a septic system but also
> something less expensive and one that I can construct myself.
> Approximately how much are the materials for this kind of system and can
> it be constructed by a beginner? Is this system included in one of your
> books?
> Sincerely,
> Jane

Have your library get you a copy of "the food and heat producing passive
solar greenhouse" for the greenhouse part; there is a wide cost range.
General plans for getting greywater to it you can find in Create an Oasis with Grey Water (book) and Branched Drain Grey Water Systems. If you decide
to go for it, I can consult you on specific layout for your greenhouse if you
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