Per Bedroom Greywater Amount

Subject: Greywater per bedroom
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000
From: Art Ludwig <Oasis Design>
To: "marty s." <martyh©>

"marty s." wrote:
> Hello Art
> I wonder if you can help with a question I have about greywater.
> While reading through a website I read that when planning a greywater
> distribution system that we need to figure on 150 gallons per day/per
> bedroom.
> This figure seems Outrageously high. Is this an industry standard that
> engineers use? Thanks for any help.
> Marty
That is outrageously high. Half that would still be high. 35 gpd/person
is what I generally figure, assuming low flow fixtures. Oasis greywater-book has fixture by fixture assessment of gw quantity.

Full greywater how-to details from our store