AGWA Graywater System - How to Get Service?

Subject: Service for AGWA Graywater system
Date: Wed, 03 May 2000
From: Art Ludwig <Oasis Design>
To: Chuck Weir <ebdacvw©>Chuck Weir wrote:
> Location: Los Angeles, CA
> Environment: urban
> I was looking at your website describing graywater systems. I have a friend who had one
> of the first systems installed in California. The system was designed by a company called
> AGWA, which is no longer in business. Her system failed a while back due to a faulty valve.
> Do you have any knowledge of the AGWA system? Do you have any representatives in the
> Los Angeles area that would be willing to look at her system and let her know what would
> be needed to fix it?
> Your assistance is appreciated.
> Chuck Weir
> General Manager
> East Bay Dischargers Authority

Dear Chuck:
I may have seen this system, if it was part of the LA greywater test. Sadly, no one can get
Gary (of AGWA) to even return phone calls about greywater. He is entirely focused on
maintaining the family roofing business, having had to unexpectedly take over from his dad.
The valve may well be a Jandy valve. I think Jandy industries is in one of our GW links pages.
They might know how to deal with it if that is the only problem. How long did it take to fail?
These systems have a good reputation.
I myself have not worked with these systems, and don't know anyone else who could help you.

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