Shower Grey Water Reuse for Showering

Subject: Shower grey water reuse for showering
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000
From: Art Ludwig <Oasis Design>
To: JayNlsn©

Jay wrote:
> For shower use only. I would like to develop a closed system for taking
> showers/baths that puts the greywater through a filter and back into the
> cistern. The filter will be placed between shower drain and cistern. My
> question is if this can be done what kind of filter should I use and do I
> need to treat the water with chemicals.

I suggest you forget it. While appropriate for a space station, closed
systems are unnecessarily energy and money intensive for most earthbound
contexts. Cascade the water through multiple uses from those requiring
cleanest to dirtiest water if you will— but end with it in the soil, which
does an extraordinary job of treating it practically for free. Put a well
down there and you can pump the clean water back up for another go.
You'd enjoy "residential water reuse" by Murray Milne (currently out of
print but possible available on interlibrary loan).

If you can't stop yourself, see Indoor greywater reuse.


Have fun,