Vegetable Gardening with Graywater

Subject: Graywater for vegetable gardening
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2001 07:27:53 -0800
From: Art Ludwig
To: DBrand9656©

DBrand9656© wrote:
> Hi there
> I was delighted to find your site! As an ex-Bolinas, CA
> resident I learned a lot about living w/ water shortage
> but not enough to know about using graywater for
> gardening.
> I just read in your literature that it's not a good idea
> to water the veggies w/ graywater but I'm curious because I
> was under the impression that water containing
> biodegradable soaps would be safe. I just want to double
> check on the safety of such use. I hope you'll have time
> to answer. A simple one will do it as I don't want to
> take up too much of your time.
> Keep up the good information!
> Diana

See <../misinfo.htm#veggies>


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