Stink of Greywater Holding Tank-How to Correct?

Subject: How to correct stink of greywater holding tank.
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001
From: Art Ludwig
To: bob <bnich©>

Bob wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a greywater overflow tank as part of my waste
> water / septic system. I'd like to be able to irrigate my
> property with it but it stinks to high heaven....sour
> gassy smelling. Is there anything that I could put into
> my holding tank that would make the grey water smell
> better??
> Thanks for your help.
> Bob

Check our common greywater mistakes page,
Forget about adding anything; not storing the greywater too
long, or at all is the answer.

Full greywater how-to details from our store