Rock Ledge Above Lake Acceptable Location for Graywater System in New England?

[Susan Bankuti writes about bypassing a septic tank to use greywater
for irrigation in Lunenburg, Massachusetts. The property is on a ledge
above a lake, which is across the street.]

> Goals: to bypass greywater from 2000 gal tight tank that must be used.
> My husband and I are interested in purchasing a property that
> would require a tight tank septic system which, in turn would require
> frequent pumping. We already have decided that we would use a composting
> toilet there, but are interested in using our greywater for plants. I don't
> know if greywater systems would be a good alternative in this case because
> the property is on ledge, and the winter is cold here (if that makes a
> difference). Putting in a greenhouse might be something we'd consider.

Ledge, as in ledge of rock? I would say that a greenhouse would probably be
the way to go. Whatever water it doesn't consume will be purified enough
that you could discharge it outside to an informal polishing wetland or
water course.
Good luck!

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