Water Softener Backwash Water - What to Do with It?

Subject: What to do with water softener backwash water?
Date: Fri, 04 May 2001
From: Art Ludwig

In your book "Create an Oasis with Graywater" on page 6
> it says that Water Softener Backwash is a Very Bad
> graywater source. My question is: Is it better to send
> the Water Softener Backwash to the septic tank or out
> with the graywater system to a non plant growth area such
> as my gravel driveway? In this scenario, during the time
> I am manual recharging ( I have no commercial
> electricity) the water softener, my graywater hose would
> be diverted to a non growth area. After recharging has
> been completed, the graywater hose would then be placed
> back to it's original position and run out to the trees
> near my remote cabin. Please advise.

It seems to me that either option (septic or gravel
driveway) could work. You can improve the quality of the
water by using potassium chloride water softener salt.

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