Panty Hose as a Greywater Filter

Subject: Panty hose as a gw filter
Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2000
From: Art Ludwig <Oasis Design>
> Dear Mr. Art Ludwig:
> I found the "Common greywater mistakes" page very useful to design the graywater
> system. I understand that "the nifty sand/gravel/carbon/reverse
> osmosis/fill in the blank filter" does not work well. However, how
> about a panty hose? I heard that a panty hose has a 140 mesh. Our
> washer has a drain capable of eliminating 17 gallons per minute. Do you
> think this work? If you have ever heard any successful or unsuccessful
> stories about the panty hose filter, could you please tell me? Thank
> you very much.
> MK

See "failure modes" table p. 34 create an oasis with greywater; panty hoses
do work well in some circumstances & that table explains which.

Full greywater how-to details from our store