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Ecological Design Q&A Bulletin Board Submission

Sorry but this service has been temporarily discontinued due to consulting work overload.

Please check the resources above carefully; the answers to over half the Q&A submissions we receive can be found elsewhere on our web site. For those who have questions which are not answered elsewhere, we're truly sorry!

Old header info with links to info elsewhere on this site:

The volume of inquiries we receive precludes a private custom response to ecological design questions. However, we will post a response to interesting new inquiries on our bulletin board where it can benefit others as well as (hopefully!) answering your question.

Before submitting your question, first read the greywater mistakes compendium, the greywater Q&A archives, and the relevant sections of our books (or at least the excerpts on the web). Check the list of useful background info needed for an ecological design consultation and include the relevant background with your question. The more considered and targeted your question, the more you'll get out of this free service.