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Customer Raves

"I've read virtually every significant book there is about sustainability...and Art's are the best. Clear, concise, practical, original." —Meg W, Lanscape Architect, Santa Barbara, CA

"I owe you a huge debt of gratitude for the work you have done over the past 30 years. I took all your ideas and made a small business out of them in San Diego. Your work informs ever project I design and build." — Candace Vanderhoff,  Architect, RainThanks & Greywater, San Diego, CA

"I'm simply floored by your website. Simply amazing. I will be forever grateful for everything you are doing to help the indigenous communities as well as how much I have learned reading your pages...I've been reading for four hours straight and still can't stop." —Daniel G

"Art, You are one of my heroes (up there with John Todd and Chris Alexander, who I'm sure you're familiar with in your line of work) Thanks for this awesome resource on the net. " —Trey, Hawaii

"I have a few of your greywater books and they are truly excellent. When people come into our enviro centre or email or ring wanting info on greywater etc I don't bother going past your books and your website. Top notch." —Cameron, University of New South Wales, Australia 

"I think this is an amazing source of information that is needed! I am excited to see these issues addressed. I am currently looking at starting a market garden and I am interested in planning a building - with solar and a composting toilet, maybe collecting rainwater also." —Visitor from California

"I wish I had these books when I was building my stuff in the 1970's." —Bill Olkowski; author, The Integral Urban House

"I very much enjoy your website - thanks! My husband and I bought 50 acres of land in MO next to a wilderness preserve. As it is important to us that we build a home that works with nature, we want to design a rainwater harvesting and water recycling system." —Visitor from the Ozarks

"I would just like to say that I enjoyed your web site because it is important to educate people on water issues. I myself strive to conserve water especially because I live in the high desert of Albuquerque New Mexico. What I have set up in my back yard is a grey water system that only uses washing machine water and it works great! I use only biodegradable soap and run it through a stream bed of cattails, water iris, water celery and other aquatic plants which turn soapy water crystal clear within 4-6 hours." —Hawser

"Thank you for this website, it is amazing I am a graduate student working on a thesis about water re-using and recycling and all the information on your site fits perfectly." —Cassandra, Santa Rosa, California

"Took your book to Cancun for some work with Mexican WTO protesters. More sustainability for Mexico. Yay.Your mission continues to spread. We hope you get total world coverage soon. The sooner the better..." —Fan from Austin

"I have to tell you I'm proud to be sharing the planet with you and people like you!" —John, California

"Just wanted to thank you for getting those books I opened the package I had the opportunity to pass your info along to an interested client. Person to person that's how this revolution is spread." —Jaime, New Mexico

"How can we thank you for the book download, 'Principles of Ecological Design' Can't wait til I get off work and I can sit down and devour the info. You are right on and doing such important work for the planet and all living things. Muchas gracias!" —Fan from Santa Barbara

"I really like your way of life..thank you, I love what you are all doing." —Dany, Europe

"Thank you for assembling such a marvelous resource that will benefit our customers in their search for a synergistic solution to their wastewater treatment problems. I am frequently asked if there are any 'prepacked' solutions to greywater - and I usually refer them to your site to find their site-specific solution." —Sun Mar Toilets

"THANK YOU! What an awesome person you are and amazing community resource...its like drinking fresh water meeting someone like you! But why oh why aren't you the one that's in charge of watershed restoration????" —Understanding Water workshop participant

"All your content (except some of the dry legal stuff, but I'm pleased it's there anyway) is fascinating, inspiring, intelligent. I intend to implement much of the technology you advocate and implement once I have the time and space in which to do so." —Visitor from Santa Barbara

"Me and my buddies are graduating this year, and are struggling to find ways to help the world and make a living at the same time. You are definitely an inspiration, and a reminder that it is possible. Thanks." —T.J. Pray

"I am US Peace Corps Volunteer in Jamaica with an education in Civil/Environmental Engineering. Recently I have been getting very interested in greywater systems and found your site quite interesting and informative." —Sherman, Jamaica

"I've enjoyed your site, a lot of good input and info. I'm glad I avoided pumps etc, [my system] is all gravity." —Gene, Colorado

"I bought Create an Oasis with Greywater and found it very informative , well written and humorous. I am planning on purchasing Branched Drain Greywater Systems next. What a cool company! —Ann M.

"Thanks for your fine booklet Create an Oasis with Greywater. I used your advise extensively when building my new house in the Southwest about 10 miles north of Albuquerque. The greywater system works superbly." —Patrick L., Placitas NM

"Thank you for your books. Your design principles are simplicity itself. In a jumble of building books, your stuff rises to the top like cream." —Anonymous

"I have just discovered you site. I want to say thank you for being who you are and doing what you do. Some of us may have a slightly different view of the 'American Dream' and it is people like you who make it possible for all of us to make our dreams more of a reality. The reality just keeps getting better. Again 'thank you.'" —Donovan

"I would like to that I am very impressed with a book of yours I recently purchased, *Water Storage*. The scope and depth of your knowledge is truly amazing. Additionally, it has answered innumerable questions I have about the topic--a fantastic deal for the price. Great work!" —Jeff, California

"I own several of your books and I've always been impressed by their quality and usefulness. Thank you for your good work." —Anonymous

"Just went through your site... great efforts. Your ecological focus in life is a benefit to all. Thanks for your all efforts." —Jim

"Your site is excellent. We are days away from owning our fist piece of land off-the grid and will need to rely on our own water. Your site is one of the best websites, or books, I've seen on the subject of place-based water." —Doug

"Your work is a precious gift to those of us who seek independence, security, and self-empowerment in these confusing and precarious times." —Gail

"I live in central Texas, where a lot of development is taking place. I expect water to become more scarce and expensive and am interested in low-cost, low-maintenance ways to collect and conserve it. Your books offer great ideas in an easy to understand way. They are comprehensive but user-friendly." —Susan

"Great talking with you Art. You are doing amazing things for rainwater. When you told me it was you I was talking to, it was like talking to a rock star. Keep up the great work." —Brad

"I actually want nothing more than to express my heartfelt appreciation of what you all are not only espousing but are actually doing and living...Now I have plans for a small greenhouse attached to [my] micro-home where I can grow my own food, as well as a rain-water system. Thanks for being a part of making my "micro-dream" a reality!!" —Hannah

"Thanks for an excellently constructed site, link-wise, information-wise, prose-wise, concern for communal, global and virtual environment-wise. This is my introduction to the issue, and I appreciated and enjoyed it. Enjoyable health and wealth." —Shalom Kaplan, Beit Shemesh, Israel

"I like your attitude as I've read on your site, plus respect your candor and obvious dedication and experience -- a pleasure/refreshing!" —Susan, California

"I have found everything I purchased from your company fabulous! I thought in particular that Create an Oasis with Greywater was a great example not only of very clever systems, but also of a very innovative way of thinking. I've been recommending your books to everybody! I also appreciate the links to books by other publishers on your site, I found The Hand Sculpted House a very inspirational read. Keep up the wonderful work!" —Greg, Australia

"Your site was the first to pop up in a google search for Graywater systems, and was helpful to the point of absurdity. What a profundity and breadth of knowledge with an appropriate balance of common sense, ingenuity and responsibility - refreshing! Thank you for providing this wonderful resource." —Jan, Clearwater, FL

"Your book "Principles of Ecological Design"...had a profound impact on my life. Few books/events over the course of anyone's life have the power/ability to change the paradigm of one's own life. [This one] did just that for me. Thank You.

Your book gave me a blueprint for how to live simply, consume less, and be happier. It also helped me to be aware of many of the obstacles I would have to overcome to do this.

Furthermore, it was enlightening to know that people have been further off the beaten path than myself and still come back sane." —Dan

"You have already provided so much info to those of us spoiled, insulated Americans who now are realizing the error of our ways- keep up the good work!" —Anonymous

"Your books are in the bunch of the best books I have read in my life. I see all the work, etc. that caringly and carefully went into doing these most valuable books. My challenge in my geography is to get the systems to work where it can be minus 20 to 25 degrees C...economically.  Need to do the math first. One step at a time, right?" —Ted, B.C, Canada

"...really enjoy your writing style, graphs and diagrams, and the accessible and entertaining way of presenting information that could otherwise be boring at best in the hands of a different author. I will often laugh out loud and my wife will glance over at the book I'm reading and then give me that “have-you-had-your-medication-today” look…Great stuff, thanks for sharing and for all your good work!" - Deron Thompson

"Your greywater books are the stuff of legend." - Michael