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Builder's Gray Water Action Summary

An excerpt from the  Builder's GW Guide-book


The one thing you can do in all new construction and remodeling; this is legal everywhere under existing building codes and the word "gray water" need not ever be mentioned.

Gray water reuse will likely become much more widespread (or even mandated) over the life of structures you are building today. Entombing combined gray water and blackwater lines under a cement slab, particularly, is foreclosing on the possibility of using a valuable resource.

Some pointers

Vent the toilets separately or tie the black and gray water vents together 12" below the spill point of the highest fixture.

Don't squander fall Keep the gray water lines heights possible to maximize future options for distributing it by gravity. This cannot be stressed enough. I've had to re-plumb entire houses just to raise the plumbing a few inches.

If you can, anticipate the design of the future gray water system so you know it will all hook up nicely.

This is a very simple system which should be permissible under any reasonable gray water law. See page 9 and the  Create an Oasis with Greywater-book.

See page 6, and check our  Linkspage for possible new suppliers.

This system is capable of handling very large flows and can handle blackwater as well as gray water (see page 15).

Don't commit theseCommon greywater mistakes: