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Optimal, Integrated Design for Health & Safety


Summary: An index to health & Safety-related articles on
In making this index, we realized that pretty much everything on this site relates to health and safety in one way or another. These are those pages that are most obviously health & safety-related, along with a smattering of those pages that have the most significant—even if obscure—health connection.

Pandemic safety

Accurate Coronavirus Information: What's Likely to Happen, What to Do

Hands-Free-Handwash Hardware



Healthy is sexy: bike!
How safe is bicycling?
What driving costs

Fire Safety

Integrated design for fire
Bonfire Safety
Water for Fire Safety-pdf

Safe sex

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and Safe Sex

Water Quality

Water testing-downloadWater Quality Testing: How to Do Water Tests Simply, Inexpensively and Accurately
Fecal coliform countsFecal Coliform Bacteria Counts: What They Really Mean About Water Quality

Slow sand filters Slow sand filtration for potable water
Wells for drinking


Common greywater mistakes
Grey water Q&A

Aguas grises-Español

Greywater policy center
CA gray water policy center


Excreta management

Composting toilets
Composting toilet Q&A

Septic system failure


Sustainable development

Indigenous community
Maruata at the Crossroads (download)

Dengue fever information

Built environment

Legalize sustainability