How to Bike in Style

Transport bike with lockable, waterproof carrier bins.


  1. Sell your car
  2. Buy the most appropriate and useful bicycle for your situation—Spend as much as necessary to to full accessorize and enable yourself to fix flats, ride at night, in the rain, and with heavy/ bulky cargo. The average American spends nearly $10,000 a year on cars...don't be afraid to spend $1000 on a bike, rack, bags, clothing, etc...with good maintainance, the bike frame could last you 100 years!
  3. Take a vacationYou won't be need to be working so much might as well get used to it. Get to know your bike, how and where to ride in your area, its peoples and resources. Hint: the best bike routes are NOT the way you've been driving. Those are gross, smoggy, noisy, depressing places. Look for the small back ways. Examples: Bike routes in Santa Barbara
  4. If you feel the desire to buy a house, start a business, or travel for years—go back to work and use the tons of money you're saving to build up your nest egg.



The way of the bicycle


Anti-car raves

Pro-bicycle raves

A collection of letters to editor and politicians about making the world a better place with bicycle-friendly policy. Many of them but not all are Santa Barbara County focused.

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