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Rainwater Harvesting

Ferro cement rain water harvesting cistern.
Ferrocement rainwater harvesting cistern



What is rainwater harvesting?

There are two classes of rainwater harvesting systems:

Systems which collect roof runoff for household use.

Systems which use in field or adjoining catchment to provide supplemental irrigation for agriculture.

Why harvest rainwater?

It's a shame to let runoff go to waste when it can be used indoors and/or for irrigation. The benefits of rainwater harvesting can include:

  • Relief of strain on other water supply
  • Ability to build or farm in areas with no other water supply
  • Cleaner water
  • Increased independence and water security
  • Lower water supply cost
  • Reduced flood flows
  • Reduced topsoil loss
  • Improved plant growth
  • Greater sensitivity to and connection with natural cycles