Understanding Water Quality:

Wild Water Wisdom Workshop

Summary: Description, preparation, what to bring, etc. for Understanding Water workshop on San Jose Creek June 11th 2003, 9am-5pm and June 13th 8 am-1pm.

Workshop has already happened, but there's a lot of great reading on this page...

Come together and lets see what a short, beautiful stretch of San Jose Creek has to tell us about how natural waters change as they cycle through nature, and how we're meant to fit into this.

The way to understand water is to kneel at the feet of the master.

The master can be found at work everywhere outside your door, especially at the nearest, nicest, natural waters.

Immerse yourself in these consciously, fully, and regularly and an understanding of what water has to tell you will soak in.   


As much of the following as we can fit in.

Understanding water

Water testing

Water profile

If we can manage it we'll take advantage of our presence on the creek doing samples to produce as complete as possible a profile of the 15-40 waters we sample, including for each water:

(there is a early, primitive version of such a profile at Water test results- Maruata)

Water education


By invitation to Wilderness Youth Project staff and key volunteers. If you would like to invite someone outside this group, please check. Please RSVP to Mark so we can ensure an adequate amount of water testing supplies. There is space for 10-18 people total.

How much

$100 individual, $200 institutional, or trade for WYP programs. 

When & Where

Now—Stuff to read beforehand

We'll approach the topic from a wide range of perspectives: hydrologist, microbiologist, plant physiologist, chemist, backpacker, and wild nature spirit. If you can track across this whole spectrum you'll get the most out of it.

The more of the background info below you understand (or even have been exposed to) before coming the more you'll get out of it. You could spend as little as an hour just opening every document and glancing at it or as much as a week reading everything through and thoroughly understanding it.

This stuff is worth reading all the way through: 


This stuff will add more depth if you can scan or read any of it:

Wednesday June 11th 9:00 am-5:00 pm —Workshop

To bring

Friday June 13th 8:00 am -1 PM —Workshop

Meet at Art's and count the general and fecal coliform test plates from Wednesday, take digital photos, enter and collate data from sample collection, enter in spreadsheet, analyze and discuss, brainstorm ways to share this info.


Questions? Comments? Volunteer? Call Mark or Art




Understanding water class photos